Grain Policy

826 14th Street, Hull, IA  51239 

Corn Moisture:  Selling:            15.5%
                           Grain Bank:    14.5%
                           Open Storage:14.5%
Corn Drying: 3.75 cents per point pro rated to nearest .10 percent           
                        Drying charged on wet bushels
                        No in charges Normal drying charges
Corn Shrink:   1.5 % shrink per point of moisture removed
Damage Discount:   2 cents per point from 5 to 10 percent
                                 3 cents per point over 10 percent
FM Discount:    3 cents for each percent over 3 percent
Weevily Grain:   10 cents per bushel
Musty Grain:    7 cents per bushel
Sour Grain:    10 cents per bushel
Test Weight:    All corn 2 cents per pound under 54 to 52.   3 cents per pound under 52.
Aflatoxin:       Anything over 20 ppb will not be accepted at our facility
Moisture Ave.   Corn 16.0% and below will be averaged together.  Corn 16.1% and above will be
                           averaged together.
Open Storage: 4 cents per bushel per month with no minimum charge.  All corn on storage over 1 year will be charged a storage rate of 24 cents minimum for the first 60 days and a storage rate of  4 cents per bushel pro-rated daily. 


Open Storage/Price Later:  Corn delivered from Oct. 1 to Oct. 31, 60 days free priced later.  After 60 days 10 cents per bushel in charge and 4 cents per bushel pro rated daily.
Out Charge:    15 cents per bushel if corn is not sold to Hull Feed & Produce or not taken out as feed under a Hull Feed & Produce feeding program.
Grain Bank:     Grain Bank is defined as corn delivered to or purchased from Hull Feed & Produce for the purpose of  livestock feeding using a protein or supplement from Hull Feed & Produce.
Free storage for the first 90 days. 3.0 cents per bushel per month thereafter. All corn sold out of grain bank will be assessed normal storage rates. Before new crop each year, all grain bank accounts will be audited and if sufficient feed was not purchased normal storage rates will be assessed on the balance.  The balance on August 31 shall not exceed 60 days supply